Our family lives in Montescheno, the first village of Valle Antrona, at an altitude of 700 metres, seven kms from Villadossola and three kms from Viganella, well known as "The Mirror Town".
We restored our house in 1997, and adapted it as a bed and breakfast two years ago. We made this choice from a wish to meet other people coming from cities and villages, from diverse areas, people with whom we could compare and help to get to know our wonderful land: Ossola.
Montescheno, at the mouth of Valle Antrona, provides an atmosphere of peace, always green, yet still only few minutes from the road to Sempione.

This enviable position is perfectly situated for easy access to the diverse points of

interest in Ossola: the lakes of Antrona Piana, The Andolla Pass with its comfortable

refuge on the way to Valle Anzasca ending at Macugnaga at the foot of Monta Rosa,

plunging into the wild National Park of Val Grande, or even the ski slopes of Domo

Bianca! Verbano Cusio Ossola incorporates an optimal mixture of lake, sun and


The prospect for you in deciding to vist this area spans from extreme sport to cultural

engagements. What a pity not to take advantage of it.